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Breakfast at West End Guest House

Individual tables are provided for singles, couples or groups located within or dining / living room, please look for your room number each morning to see where to sit in the morning. For large groups our big table can seat up to 12 people!, please let us know the day before if you wish to be seated with another room or group of guests. Breakfast is served at 8am during the week and 8.30 weekends and holidays.  Your welcome to help yourself to a hot drink when you come down for breakfast from the pantry and your server will bring you the rest of your meal. Fresh coffee is available an hour before breakfast and our butlers pantry is open 24 hrs should you wish a tea, hot chocolate, instant coffee, filtered water, pop or fresh banking any other time during your stay. 

The first served course is usually our fruit course followed by the main course. Generally our main course is a savoury dish but not always and we'll always tell you what we are serving in case we need to fine-tune it to your likes. Should you have any dietary requirements please let us know when you check in by completing our form provided at check in and leave under the kitchen door before 6.30am.

A cold or quick breakfast is available by completing our breakfast box form, located on the sideboard in the hallway and placing under the kitchen door before 9pm the night before.

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